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Opening Address by Most Rev Mario Conti, Archbishop of Glasgow


Carissimi fratelli e sorelle


Con questa parola così semplice, voglio esprimere tante emozioni nel mio cuore.  Grazie a voi, un sogno si è trasformato in realtà.  Grazie a voi, quelli che hanno perso la vita nell’Arandora star avranno finalmente un monumento degno. Grazie a voi, abbiamo costruito un giardino italiano nel cuore della città di Glasgow, nell’ombra della nostra cattedrale.  Per la vostra generosità, vi ringrazio dal cuore!

With these few words expressed in the language of my forebears I thank all of you for the contribution you have made to the realisation of this cloister garden and its monument.

The monument itself was conceived as a way of recalling the sinking of the Arandora Star and the loss of life of so many innocents in the tragedy of war.

It then provided an opportunity for the marking of the contribution which the Italian Scots have made to Scottish society. The names of many of them who are no longer with us inscribed on the plaques which adorn the cloister walls.

The donations of many have ensured that the monument itself is a further contribution by the Italian community to the beauty of our city and an expression of thanks to its citizens for the welcome over the years we have received.

Finally the garden and monument at its centre provide a contemplation space, a place dedicated to peace and reconciliation, and the healing of memories.

Archbishop of Glasgow
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