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Why an Italian Cloister Garden?
Once in a lifetime the chance arises to make a significant difference to our surroundings and to our community. That moment arrived as St Andrew's Cathedral, the oldest and most venerable Catholic church in central Scotland was redeveloped.
One improvement is a brand new cloister garden, a traditional feature for a Cathedral, offering it "breathing space" - a gathering area and in future an exhibition and cafe space.
Over the years the Italian community has both benefited greatly and contributed greatly to the life of Scotland. The memorial garden in Italianate style will mark that contribution. Its layout and furnishing have been funded by donations from the Scots Italian community. The garden is open to all and will benefit all, but has a distinctive Italian atmosphere ... a little comer of Italy in the heart of the "dear green place".
A Place to Remember
The Cloister Garden is a special place to remember those of our loved ones who have died. It also provides a focus for a forgotten tragedy which has never been appropriately marked ...

On the morning of 2nd July 1940, off the coast of lreland, the transatlantic liner Arandora Star was torpedoed and sank. Aboard were hundreds of Italian civilians living in the UK who had been arrested and interned after Italy's entry into the war. In the sinking, more than 700 men perished, British, Germans and Italians including 446 Italian civilians.

The new cloister garden is the world's largest permanent memorial to the victims.
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